Road Safety

Before you ride

Follow this four-point safety procedure before you start your engine:

  • Conduct a motorcycle safety check.
  • Put on all your safety equipment.
  • Mount the motorcycle from the left side, holding both handlegrips firmly. Keep the motorcycle upright with both feet on the ground for support.
  • Move the motorcycle off its stand and be sure that the stand is secure and in an upright position.

Riding position

  • Sit in a position where your elbows are slightly bent when your hands are on the handle bars. Keep your back straight and lean slightly forward to reduce wind resistance.
  • Hold the throttle with your wrist lowered, so you can easily reach the brake with your fingers.
  • When moving, your feet should be level, firmly on the foot pegs and ready to use the foot controls at all times.
  • Maintain slight pressure on the fuel tank with your knees.