Road Safety


A moped is a motor vehicle that cannot exceed a speed of more than 50 km per hour and:

  • has two tandem wheels or three wheels, each of which has a minimum diameter of 250 mm (10 inches)
  • has a seat or saddle having a minimum height of 650 mm (26 inches) when measured from ground level to the top of the forward-most part of the seat or saddle
  • is capable of being driven by pedals only, motor only or by both pedals and motor
  • has a motor piston displacement of not more than 50 cc

Is your vehicle a moped or a motorcycle?

If the engine on your vehicle is not more than 50 cc and cannot exceed 50 km/h, it is considered a moped for insurance purposes.

Mopeds do not require a motorcycle licence

Mopeds can be driven by anyone with a Class 5 driver’s licence in any stage of the graduated licensing process. You are not required to have a motorcycle licence or any specific training to ride a moped. However, since mopeds and motorcycles share many of the same safety issues, it’s a good idea to take a motorcycle safety course. Safety Services Manitoba (formerly the Manitoba Safety Council) offers courses beginning in May.

Additional safety information is available: