Road Safety

Shoulder Checking – Merging or Changing Lanes

When changing lanes, your vehicle’s mirrors can help you see what’s around you but the mirrors will not show you what’s in your blind spots. Blind spots are located to the left and right of your vehicle, which you can’t see unless you turn your head.

You must shoulder check to ensure there is nothing in your blind spot.

To properly shoulder check, turn your head until your chin reaches your shoulder. Then glance to the side towards the rear. This should be done quickly so your attention can return to the road ahead.

Avoid turning your upper body. This takes your eyes off the road for longer than necessary and could cause a collision.

Once you’ve checked your blind spot, change lanes if it’s safe, and don’t forget to use your signal before changing lanes.

With the sideview mirror

You can see B

You can’t see A or C

With the inside rearview mirror

You can see A

You can’t see B or C

Next is the shoulder check to determine what is directly beside your car.

With both mirrors and a shoulder check

You can see A

You can see B

You can see C

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