Road Safety

School Bus Safety

Getting on or off a school bus can be dangerous for kids. As drivers we can help make sure they get to school and get home safely.

You should be extra cautious when driving around school buses, especially if children are getting on or off a bus.

If you see a bus with flashing red lights and stop arm extended, you must stop at least five metres away.

If you’re travelling in the opposite direction you must still stop, unless there is a median dividing traffic.

Remain stopped until the lights stop flashing, the stop arm folds away and the bus begins to move again.

Many school buses have cameras on board, and if you don’t stop, your licence plate could be recorded. The fine for illegally passing a school bus is over $600 and you could also get two demerits.

Help keep our students safe. Slow down when you see a school bus and make sure you stop and wait while kids are getting on and off.

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