Road Safety

Parallel Parking

The object of parallel parking is to get your vehicle parallel to the curb and within 45 cm of it. Here's the proper procedure:

  • First, check your mirrors. Next, indicate your intentions to other drivers by tapping your brakes and signaling. Pull up beside the vehicle in front of the space. Position yourself so that the rear bumpers of both vehicles are even.
  • When it’s safe, start backing up. As you reverse, steer sharply to the right. Stop when your steering wheel is in line with the bumper of the vehicle ahead.
  • Then, straighten the wheels and back into the space. Stop when the right end of your front bumper is just past the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead.
  • Turn the steering wheel sharply to the left as you continue to reverse.
  • Then, stop and shift into drive. As you turn the wheels to the right, drive slowly forward to centre your vehicle in the spot.

When exiting the spot, don’t forget to signal and check for traffic.

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