Road Safety


In a collision, three things can happen very quickly. First, your car collides with another vehicle or object.

Then, you collide with the inside of your car, which causes your organs to collide with the inside of your body.

That's why it's essential to always wear a seatbelt.

In a collision, a seatbelt keeps you in your seat because the pre-tensioners in the belt tighten upon sensing a hit. Seatbelts also distribute the force of the impact over your shoulders, chest and hips – areas where the body can best handle an impact.

Airbags do not replace seatbelts. A seatbelt ensures you're in the proper position to hit the airbag as it's deflating. Without a belt, an inflating airbag can cause serious injury.

And seatbelts that are twisted are not as effective and can result in a more serious injury.

So always make sure it's worn and worn properly.

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