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More and more, people are trying to find ways to use less gas while commuting in the city. That’s why scooters are becoming more popular.

If the engine on the scooter is less than 50cc and it cannot exceed 50km per hour the rider is not required to have a motorcycle licence or any specific training. If a scooter is built not to exceed 50 km/h it is actually classified as a moped, and must be operated as such.

NOTE: Scooters should not be confused with mopeds or mobility vehicles which must be operated "as closely as practicable to the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway, unless the highway is designated for traffic in one direction and has three or more traffic lanes" (Section 111 of the Highway Traffic Act).

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you ride a scooter in traffic.

  • First of all scooters should be ridden in a lane like motorcycles not up against the curb like a moped, mobility vehicle or bicycle.
  • Ride in the tire track farthest from the curb, always signal and check even when changing from tire track to tire track.
  • A helmet is required but you should also wear clothing that will protect your arms, legs, hands and eyes.
  • Avoid blind spots and never assume that the driver of a car can see you.
  • Scan well ahead for loose gravel or potholes.

Consider taking some motorcycle training.

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