Road Safety

School Zones

When driving in school zones, you must slow down, be extra cautious and watch for kids.

School zones are extra busy before and after school. The combination of more cars, excited kids and people in a hurry can be dangerous.

To prevent a serious collision, watch for kids playing and running between cars and be prepared to stop suddenly. It's a good idea to slow down when driving through a school zone.

Whenever there are kids on or near the roadway, a driver must choose a speed that is reasonable and prudent. This could be lower than the posted limit.

It is also illegal to pass another vehicle near a school building, playground or rink while children are nearby.

Children are vulnerable on the road. As drivers, we have to look out for them. So slow down and watch out.

And for parents, encourage your kids to walk or bike to school to reduce traffic congestion and collisions in school zones.

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