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It’s no surprise to encounter potholes in Manitoba. To protect your car and other road users, follow these tips.

Scan ten to twelve seconds down the road in front of you, looking for potholes. If you are approaching one, don’t swerve suddenly as you may hit another vehicle. Identify the pothole early and changes lanes when it is safe to do so.

If you can’t change lanes, slow down as much as possible before the pothole. But don’t brake when driving over the pothole as this can cause more damage. You should:

  1. Take your foot off the brake
  2. Roll over the hole at a low speed
  3. Hold the steering wheel firmly to avoid losing control

Most potholes develop in the curb lane where water accumulates. This can hide potholes so you should approach all puddles with the same caution as you would a pothole.

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