Road Safety

Highway Intersections

Approximately 40% of collisions in Manitoba occur at intersections. At highway intersections, the high speeds can increase the risk of serious injury or death. Most highway intersections consist of a major highway that intersects with smaller roadways.

When a vehicle is approaching a major highway, they must stop and give the highway traffic the right-of-way, even if there is no stop sign. You should treat these highway intersections like you would an uncontrolled intersection in the city, such as coming out from a back lane or parking lot.

If you’re turning off the highway, move into the proper lane ahead of time, signal 150 metres before the turn, and slow down early.

If you’re driving at 100 kilomteres an hour, you will travel nearly 100 metres before coming to a complete stop. So it’s important to slow down well ahead your turn.

A few easy manoeuvres can prevent a collision and have you on your way safely.

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