Road Safety

The 60-Second Driver

Brought to you by Manitoba Public Insurance and CTV, the 60-Second Driver series provides tips on a variety of driver safety issues. For more information, check out our Safety Columns, the Road Safety section, or try our Driving Quizzes.

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Before You Go

Checking Your Vehicle
Renting A Car
Road Hazards
Safe Fueling
Safe Practices Before Start-up
Winter Preparation

Changing Lanes

Lane Designation Signs
Shoulder Checking

Driving Responsibly

Blind Spots
Dangerous Driving
Default Speed Limits
Defensive Driving
Driver Distractions
Driver Distractions - Cell Phones
Driver Safety Rating
Driving Etiquette
Eco Driving
Emergency Vehicles (passing stopped)
Green Driving
Passengers as Distractions
Planning Ahead
Residential Streets with Parked Cars
Safe Following Distance
Speed and Winter Conditions


Brake Failure
Collision Procedures
Getting Unstuck in Winter
Head-On Collision Avoidance
Off-Road Recovery
Steering System Failure
Stuck Accelerator
Submerged Vehicles
Wildlife Dangers

Highway Driving

Cruise Control
Highway Courtesy
Highway Emergency Vehicles
Highway Intersections
Passing on a Highway

Impaired Driving

Drinking and Driving
Drowsy Driving
Impaired Driving - Winter
Operation Red Nose
Prescription Drug Impairment

Inside the Vehicle

Driver Positioning
Head Restraints


Backing your Vehicle into a Parking Spot
Parallel Parking
Parking Woes

Poor Driving Conditions

Anti-lock Brakes (ABS)
Braking on Wet Roads
Gravel Roads
Motorcycles - Late Season Riding
Night Driving

Sharing the Road

ATV Safety
Bike Lanes and Right Turns
Cars and cyclists
Child Safety
Commercial Vehicles - Sharing the road with trucks
Construction Zones
Diamond Lanes - Sharing the Road with Buses
Idling Your Vehicle
Motorcycle Awareness
Passing Stopped Vehicles
Pedestrian Safety
Rail Crossing Safety
School Bus Safety
School Patrols
School Zones
Sharing the road with farm equipment
Silent Hybrid Dangers
Snow Plows


Displaced Stop Lines
Four-Way Stops
High Collision Intersections
Mandatory Stops
Safe Stopping
Stop Signs

Traffic Lights

Flashing Red and Amber Lights
Pedestrian Traffic Signals
Running Amber Lights
When the Light Turns Green
When Traffic Lights Malfunction


Left Turns at a Median
Left Turns at an Intersection
Right Turn on a Red Light
Swinging Out Before Turning Right
Tangle Turns
Turn Signals
Turning at a Wide Boulevard
Turning into Correct Lanes
Two Right Turn Lanes

Vehicle Equipment

Child Car Seat - Stages
Child Car Seats - Position
Fuel Consumption
Help Drivers See Us (Daytime Running Lights)
Tire Inflation
Winter Tires

Winnipeg Intersections

Pembina at Point Road
Turning left on St. James Street