Road Safety

Road Safety Learning Resources for Schools

Kindergarten – Grade 10 Road Safety Education Program

Every year, road-related incidents constitute one of the leading causes of death among young people in Manitoba. That's why Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has collaborated with Manitoba Education, Training and Youth to develop a comprehensive set of Road Safety Learning Resources to assist in teaching traffic safety to Manitoba students.

The resources are aligned with the Kindergarten to Senior 4 Physical Education/Health Education: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Active Healthy Lifestyles released in 2000 and are intended for Kindergarten to Grade 10 students.

As a precursor to these resources, a similar program titled The Children's Traffic Club was developed by Manitoba Public Insurance in partnership with the Child Day Care Branch of the Department of Family Services and the Manitoba Child Care Association for all pre-school facilities in Manitoba.

The structured Kindergarten – Grade 10 school-based program is divided into three main components:

The Resource materials are in PDF (portable document file) format and require Acrobat Reader to view. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, a free download is available.

The Early Years: Kindergarten - Grade 4


Grade One

Grade Two

Grade Three

Grade Four

The Middle Years: Grade 5 - Grade 8

Grade Five

Grade Six

Grade Seven

Grade Eight

The Senior Years: Grades 9 and 10

Grade Nine

Grade Ten

Grade 10 - Cluster 3 - Student Learning Resource: "In Motion"

Released to Manitoba schools in 2003, this student learning resource was developed specifically to address the content of Manitoba curriculum at Grade 10 for Cluster 3 – In Motion. It provides a road safety context to the sometimes abstract and difficult concepts in introductory physics such as kinematics, conservation of energy, momentum and impulse. In addition to engaging students in motion-related ideas such as acceleration and deceleration in a vehicle (e.g., braking distance), it analyses road safety issues such as collisions, effectiveness of restraints such as airbags, and what physics can do to assist students in better understanding the behaviour of objects in motion. Other road safety themes addressed include driver reaction time, driving responsibly and changes in road surface characteristics.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Manitoba Public Insurance and the Manitoba Department of Education, this volume constitutes the primary resource recommended for use in all Manitoba Grade 10 schools for the In Motion curriculum cluster. It will benefit all young Manitobans through delivery of important and age-appropriate messages related to their general scientific literacy and societal responsibilities for road safety.