Road Safety

Safety Partners

Manitoba Public Insurance supports Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025 and its vision of having the safest roads in the world.

The Corporation is a key partner in The Road to Zero: Manitoba Road Safety Plan 2017-2020. The vision of The Road to Zero is for Manitoba to have the safest roads in Canada and we are committed to one day achieving zero traffic fatalities on our roadways.

And while we have a vested interest in improving road safety in Manitoba, we are just one of many organizations in the province with a similar mandate and areas of responsibility and accountability. We acknowledge and support our many road safety partners:

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Altona Police Service

Bike Winnipeg

Brandon Police Service

CAA Manitoba

Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Forces Military Police

Canadian Pacific Police

City of Winnipeg, Public Works - Traffic Management

CN Police

Cornwallis Police Service

Dakota Ojibway Police Service

Doctors Manitoba

East St. Paul Police Service

Emergency Services and Fire Fighter Partners


Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba

MADD Canada

Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police

Manitoba School Boards Association

Manitoba Education and Training

Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living

Manitoba Infrastructure, Traffic Engineering

Manitoba Infrastructure, Legislative and Regulatory Services

Manitoba Justice

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation

Manitoba Regional Health Authorities

Manitoba School Boards Association

Manitoba Sustainable Development, Wildlife Branch

Morden Police Service

P.A.R.T.Y. Program


Parks Canada

Rivers Police Service

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

SAFE Work Manitoba

Safety Services Manitoba

Springfield Police Service

St. Clements Municipal Police

Ste. Anne Police Service

University of Manitoba Security Services

University of Manitoba Transport Information Group

Victoria Beach Police Service

Winkler Police Service

Winnipeg Police Service