Road Safety

The No-Zone

What's a No-Zone?

It's one of the three large blind spots that drivers of big rigs need to contend with. They're also the three main areas where crashes occur, so stay safe and avoid them.

Rear No-Zone

Trucks have deep rear blind spots. A trucker can't see you at all if you're in this zone - especially if you're tailgating.

Remember, if you can't see the truck's mirrors, the driver can't see you. Stay well back!

Side No-Zone

Both sides of a big rig have large blind spots. If you decide to ride in those zones, be prepared for trouble if the truck driver decides to change lanes.

Front No-Zone

The hood of a big rig's cab obscures part of the road ahead. When you pass a large truck, make sure you can see all of the truck's cab in your rear view mirror before pulling in. Don't ever cut in too soon, or abruptly slow down.

A couple of other things you should remember about large trucks:

  • Most trailers are 8 and a half feet wide, capable of completely hiding objects behind them. Never pass close behind a truck that's backing up, or about to back up.
  • Truckers sometimes swing wide to the left in order to make a right turn. They can't see cars directly behind or beside them. If you cut in between the truck and the right lane, you could be involved in a collision.