Road Safety


In 2012, based on information from Transport Canada’s 2012 Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics report:

  • 31.8 per cent of driver fatalities and 12.6 per cent of drivers seriously injured were not wearing their seat belts.
  • 36.6 per cent of passenger fatalities and 20.0 per cent of passengers seriously injured were not wearing their seat belts.
  • Transport Canada estimates that if all drivers and passengers always wore their seatbelt, 300 lives would be saved each year in Canada.
  • Drivers who are buckled up have five times the risk of dying in a crash if their rear seat passengers are not wearing seatbelts. 80 per cent of the deaths from these kind of crashes could be eliminated if the rear seat occupants buckle up.

Seat belt use by jurisdiction for 2009-2010:

NOTE: The most recent seat belt statistics are available from Transport Canada.

Source: Transport Canada.