Road Safety

Alcohol Impairment

Driving impaired is dangerous ‒ it's a fact.

  • In 2013, impaired driving contributed to 19 fatalities and 32 people being seriously injured in Manitoba.
  • On average from 2008-2012, 29 people were killed each year and 39 were seriously injured in collisions involving impaired driving.
  • More than half of all collisions involving alcohol impairment occur on weekends.
  • 69 per cent of fatal, impaired driving collisions occur between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

If you know you’ll be drinking, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you get home safely without driving impaired:

  • having a designated driver
  • calling a family member or a friend for a ride home
  • taking a bus or a vehicle for hire
  • staying overnight
  • not getting into a vehicle with an impaired driver

To ensure the safety of friends and family - speak out against impaired driving. You can use these tips to help keep impaired drivers off the road:

  • let your friend know you think it would be better if someone else drove or offer to put them in a cab
  • if they insist on driving, find their keys while they are distracted and hide them
  • keep it light and stay calm when talking to them
  • let the person know you care about them and want them to stay safe
  • if you don't know the person that well, talk to a good friend of theirs and ask them to persuade their friend to hand over the keys
  • don't embarrass the person or confront them, calmly explain why you don't want them to drive

Manitoba is recognized as having some of the toughest anti-impaired driving legislation in the country. In addition to existing Canadian impaired driving laws, Manitoba has included a number of sanctions intended to deter motorists from driving impaired and measures to reduce the likelihood of repeat occurrences. To find out more about existing impaired driving laws, please visit:

Health Canada alcohol section

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