Road Safety

Biking at night

The key to safe night cycling is remaining visible. Dawn and dusk are especially dangerous times to ride because of reduced visibility.


According to The Highway Traffic Act, you must have a white light at the front of your bicycle and a red or amber reflector at the rear of your bike to ensure high visibility. However, having a red tail light at the rear of your bike, rather than the required reflector, makes you much more visible to motorists and other road users. Generally, blinking lights are more effective at getting motorists' attention than a solid beam.

Reflective options

Wheel reflector. Reflective strips.Due to their constant motion, it is highly recommended you place pedal reflectors or reflective bands around your ankles to provide a reflective option that is highly noticeable. Wearing reflective bands on your wrists can make hand signals more visible, while white reflective strips on the sides of your front fork and chain stays will add to your visibility for vehicles approaching from right angles. Additionally, make sure that your bike is equipped with wheel reflectors to increase your visibility from the side.


Because bright colours like yellow and white stand out well at night, it is highly recommended you wear them when riding your bicycle. You can also increase your visibility at night by placing reflective material on your clothing or wearing a reflective vest.

Watch this short video about riding at night.