Road Safety

What to do if you're in a collision

1. Attend to any immediate injuries or concerns.

2. When safe, move out of the way of other traffic.

3. Exchange particulars: 

  • Cyclists: provide name, phone number, address and type of bike. 
  • Motorists: provide name, licence number, policy number, phone number, address, vehicle type, plate number and vehicle owner. 

4. Document the details of the accident: where, when and how it happened, plus any damages and injuries.

5. Gather names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

You can download an accident report form from our website. It will help you know what details to obtain from the scene.

Since bicycles are not insured through Manitoba Public Insurance, cyclists who are found responsible for a collision could be held liable for damages caused to a vehicle. Under such a scenario, you would also be responsible for any damages to your own bicycle.

Bodily injury claims for those involved in collisions with a motor vehicle are covered through the Personal Injury Protection Plan.

To open a claim or for any other claim inquires, contact our Contact Centre:

  • In Winnipeg: 204-985-7000
  • Outside Winnipeg (toll-free): 1-800-665-2410
  • Deaf Access TTY/TDD: 204-985-8832