Road Safety

The CAN-BIKE program

The CAN-BIKE program provides a nationally standardized approach to cycling safety and is oriented to both recreational and commuter cyclists.

The foundation of CAN-BIKE is built upon the belief that cyclists are safest when they act and are treated as traffic on the roadway. Cyclists have the same rights as drivers, as well as the same responsibilities and the same rules.

The key areas of CAN-BIKE are:

  • Understanding traffic dynamics
  • Developing cycling skills and knowledge which improve:
  • manoeuvrability
  • alertness
  • visibility
  • predictability
  • communication

Cycling skills are an important part of being safe on the roadway. Once learned, cyclists should practise these skills to improve abilities on a bicycle. Additionally, all cyclists can benefit from a cycling skills course taught by a qualified CAN-BIKE instructor.

The cycling information presented here has been reviewed by certified CAN-BIKE instructors. These instructors are nationally certified and highly skilled cyclists. If you are interested in learning more about CAN-BIKE, email the Manitoba Cycling Association or phone 204-925-5686.