Road Safety

Additional resources

Youth materials

“I Cycle Safely” presentation

This presentation is an excellent tool for teachers, daycares and community groups to promote cycling safety to children and works in conjunction with the “I Cycle Safely” brochure. The entire presentation, along with a guide and lecture notes, is available by request.

“I Cycle Safely” brochure

This brochure is intended for distribution to children ages 3 to 9 and covers basic information on bike maintenance, riding skills and rules of the road. Copies are available by request. Please be sure to include a mailing or delivery address in your request.

Young adult/adult

“Bike Safe” presentation

This presentation contains basic cycling information intended for a young adult audience and deals with topics such as moving through higher traffic roadways, destination positioning and infrastructure cyclists should be aware of. It is an excellent tool for high school physical education teachers, community groups and businesses promoting healthy living and/or a greener environment. The complete presentation, along with the guide and lecture notes, is available upon request.

“Bike Safely” booklet

This booklet draws out highlights from our comprehensive web content and makes an excellent take away if showing the “Bike Safe” presentation. It targets adult cyclists and provides information on basic cycling skills, roadway skills and infrastructure. It is available to download or order for wider distribution.

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