Enhanced Products

Purpose of EDL and EIC

Offering the convenience of a driver’s licence and border-crossing document all in one, the Manitoba Enhanced Driver’s Licence (EDL) is a licence to drive that you can also use to cross the U.S border by land or water.* This enhanced version is completely voluntary, with additional features to meet entry requirements for travelling to the U.S. by land and water only. Non-enhanced driver’s licences are still available.

If you don’t drive, or prefer to keep your driver’s licence separate from your border-crossing document, the Manitoba Enhanced Identification Card (EIC) may be the choice for you. It’s a voluntary provincial identification card that can also be used to enter the U.S. by land and water*. It has all the same features of the EDL, except it‘s not a licence to drive.

Both cards are:

  • more affordable than a passport;
  • convenient—they fit in your wallet; and
  • made with advanced technology-based features.

*A passport or other approved document is required to travel to the U.S. by air and to travel to other countries.

The information found here is subject to change. If there are any differences between the information found on this website and the EDL and EIC Applicant’s Guide, the EDL and EIC Applicant's Guide will be followed.