Enhanced Products

Features of the Cards

Manitoba EDLs and EICs have been developed using the latest security technology to protect your identity and privacy. They are also convenient, fitting easily into your wallet.

Card material: Multiple layers of the highest quality plastics make EDLs and EICs counterfeit resistant. They will withstand ultraviolet (UV) rays and will not fade with age.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip: The RFID chip embedded in your EDL or EIC does not transmit any information, but can be read by a scanning device if your EDL or EIC is not in its protective sleeve. Only remove the card from the sleeve when approaching the United States/Canada border. The signal can be read from a maximum distance of 4.5 metres, to allow faster border crossing. It is important to note that the RFID chip contains one piece of personal information — the RFID Tag Value that points to your EDL or EIC record. Records for all provinces issuing the cards are kept in a secure database located in Canada and maintained by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). See the RFID Technology brochure for more information.