Manitoba Identification Card

What information will be on your Manitoba Identification Card?

The front of your Manitoba Identification Card will show your:

  • full name
  • address
  • birth date (your birth date will also include the statement: "18 on" if you are under 18 years of age)
  • gender
  • eye colour
  • height
  • photograph
  • signature
  • the date your card is issued
  • the date your card will expire

The phrase "Identification Card" and the Manitoba logo will be on the card to identify it as an identification card issued by Manitoba.

The letters "CAN" will also be on the card to show that it has been issued by a Canadian jurisdiction.

The front of your card will also feature:

  • An Identification Card number, which will be the same as your Manitoba Public Insurance customer number
  • A document discriminator number, which validates that the card is legitimate. This number is system generated, and is associated with the card printing process and is used for audit trail purposes.

The back of your card will contain a serial number (assigned by the card producer). As well, the back will also feature a 2D bar code that contains the same information as the front of the card, with the exception of the date your card will expire and your photograph and signature. The 2D bar code will not contain any other information and can be read by any 2D bar code scanner.