Manitoba Identification Card

Features of the Manitoba Identification Card

  • It is voluntary. No one is required to have one.
  • It’s made with advanced technology features and won’t fade with age. Your photo and signature are laser-engraved and cannot be altered without damaging the card.
  • Unique patterns on the card are difficult to counterfeit and provide another barrier against tampering.
  • It does not contain a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ).*
  • It does not contain a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)** chip, so no information on your card can be read by an RFID scanner.

*The MRZ provides another way to read Enhanced Identification Cards. Identification data is encoded in optical character recognition format (letters and numbers).

**RFID is a wireless technology that stores and retrieves information remotely. For more information, see Manitoba Public Insurance’s RFID Technology brochure.

  • Comparing the Identification Card to other licensing and identification options
  • Changing from one type of identification card to another