Driver Licensing

General Information

In Manitoba, there are six classes of driver’s licences to accommodate all vehicles permitted on our roads. Find guidelines and information about the necessary testing requirements to obtain each class of Manitoba driver’s licence below.

Please note: Driver testing and licensing services are available to Manitoba residents only. Proof of Manitoba residency is required.

Who Must Take a Driver Test

You must take a driver test for the class of vehicle you wish to drive if you:

  • Have never been licensed for that class of vehicle;
  • Have not held a Manitoba licence within the past four years; or
  • Hold a licence from outside of Canada, the United States or other jurisdictions whose licences are not exchangeable.

You may be required to be re-tested if you:

  • Have been involved in traffic collisions or convictions;
  • Have had your licence suspended; or
  • Have a medical condition that may affect your ability to drive safely.

First Application for a Driver’s Licence

Every new applicant must produce acceptable identification documents. Only original documents will be accepted.

Class 5 Graduated Driver Licensing

Drivers applying for their first Class 5 driver’s licence are in the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program and are subject to the GDL stages and restrictions.

Manitoba Class 5 driver’s licence stages are:

L Learner Stage (minimum nine months)*

I Intermediate Stage (minimum 15 months)**

F Full Stage

* Supervising driver must be a fully licensed driver for at least three years and have under .05 blood alcohol content.

**A driver is only required to complete the Intermediate Stage once.

Application and Test Requirements for Class 5 Licensing

You must be a minimum of 16 years of age to apply for a Class 5 Learner Stage licence. If you are enrolled in a High School Driver Education course that is currently in-progress and you are at least 15 and a half years of age, you are allowed one attempt to take the Class 5L Knowledge Test online at the scheduled time in the Driver Education classroom. Consent of either a parent or legal guardian is required for anyone under 18 years of age.

Before you can get a Learner Stage licence, you must have your identification verified. The most convenient way to do this is to visit an Autopac agent with acceptable identification documents before you schedule your knowledge test.

A) Knowledge Test

i) For a Class 5 licence: Before taking the test, you must register as a Manitoba Public Insurance customer and provide proper identification documents. The most convenient way to register is through an Autopac agent as soon as possible. The test assesses your knowledge of traffic laws, safe driving practices and recognition of road signs The test charge is $10 (subject to change) per test. If you are in GDL and fail the knowledge test, there is a seven-day waiting period to retake it. Only one knowledge test per class of licence is allowed per day. If you are outside of the GDL program, you are eligible to repeat a knowledge test the next working day.

If you are under 18 years of age, parent or legal guardian approval is required to take the knowledge test. Driver Education students under the age of 16 must provide a completed Parental Approval form before taking the knowledge test.

ii) After passing the knowledge test and meeting the visual and medical standards, in order to drive, you will be required to purchase a licence. Your photo will be taken and your signature will be captured. The DSR Calculator can help you determine the cost.

Interpreter Reimbursement for Hearing-Impaired Applicants

If you’re hearing-impaired and need an interpreter to write the knowledge test, please book an appointment for the test then make arrangements with the E-Quality Communication Centre of Excellence to send an interpreter on the test date.

If you choose any other company to interpret and would like to be reimbursed, you must send a written request for approval before making the arrangement to:

Manitoba Public Insurance

Driver Testing Policy & Evaluation

Room 807-234 Donald St.

PO Box 6300

Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A4

B) Visual and Medical Requirements

Applicants who fail to meet minimum vision standards, with or without corrective lenses, cannot obtain a driver's licence. If corrective lenses are required for driving, this will be indicated on your licence. Applicants who fail to meet the minimum medical or vision standards may have their licences suspended until further information is filed. A vision and/or medical report may be required. If you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to drive safely, you must inform Driver Fitness before taking the knowledge test:

Driver Fitness

Box 6300

Winnipeg Manitoba R3C 4A4

Phone: 204-985-1900 or toll-free 1-866-617-6676

If a medical report is required, it must be approved by Driver Fitness before you can take the knowledge test or enroll in a Driver Education course.

Manitoba Health will NOT pay for third-party requests for a medical report including any related examinations, tests or telephone calls to the physician. Applicants are responsible for these costs.

C) Road Test

During the Class 5 road test, you will be evaluated on your driving skills. You will be required to operate your vehicle in typical traffic situations in a safe and legal manner. The road test not only measures your ability to operate a specific class of vehicle; it also identifies areas where improvement is required.

Please ensure you check in 15 minutes before your appointment time. You must supply a vehicle in good working order and produce a Vehicle Registration Certificate confirming the vehicle is properly registered and insured.

Driver's licence applicants who have not held a full driver's licence any time will be placed in the Graduated Driver Licence program and are subject to a nine month learning period before they are eligible to take a road test. Only one test per class of licence is allowed per day. After an unsuccessful road test, there is a 14-day waiting period before you may take the test again.

After four unsuccessful road test attempts, you are required to take a minimum of two hours of professional instruction from a driving school with a permit from MPI before booking a fifth road test.

A signed Driving Instruction Verification form, including the driving instructor’s permit number, must be presented to an Autopac agent in order to pay for and book the fifth attempt. An additional two hours of driving instruction will be required prior to each additional attempt.

Please note: All driving schools must have a valid permit from MPI. To ensure a school has a valid permit, customers should ask the school or instructor to see their permit or contact the Permit Unit at 204-985-8063 or

If you currently hold an out-of-country driver's licence, you are required to surrender this licence before you can obtain the Manitoba learner's licence. Once you obtain the Manitoba learner's licence, you are required to have a supervising driver with you when driving a motor vehicle.

Professional Driver’s Licensing (Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4)

For more information about who needs a professional driver’s licence in Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the steps needed to obtain them, please visit our Professional Driver’s Licence page.

Class 6 Driver Licensing (Motorcycles)

For more information about the requirements for a Class 6 licence, necessary to operate a motorcycle in Manitoba, please see our detailed page.

Change of Name or Address

You are required to notify your Autopac agent or Manitoba Public Insurance within 15 days of any change in your name or address. For more information please call us at: 204-985-7000 or toll-free at 1-800-665-2410.