Driver Licensing

About the renewal process

With our easy and convenient five-year licences and policies, you’ll only need to visit an Autopac agent once every five years, unless you want to change or cancel your policy between renewals.

However, you still pay for your driver’s licence and vehicle insurance every year. In years between renewals (reassessment years), you will receive an annual statement of account, telling you what you owe.

In your reassessment years, you can choose to pay:

  • online with VISA or MasterCard (see list of qualifying payments)
  • online or by telephone through your financial institution (you'll need your customer number)
  • in person with cash, cheque , debit, VISA or MasterCard wherever Autopac is sold

Remember, you must visit an Autopac agent to change or cancel your driver’s licence or vehicle insurance. It will not automatically lapse after one year. It will remain in effect and you will be charged for it.