Driver Licensing


DriveABLE is a special assessment that tests the specific cognitive functions essential for safe driving. It was developed through extensive research and is used by jurisdictions around the world. Only drivers whose cognitive function is a concern will be required to take a DriveABLE assessment.

DriveABLE consists of two distinct levels of assessment: the computerized in-office assessment and the on-road evaluation (which is not required for everyone).

In-office assessment

The in-office assessment is highly predictive of driving performance and is more fair and objective than tests that rely on the opinion of individual evaluators. Through the use of a computerized touch screen, it evaluates six essential driving tasks:

  • Response time.
  • How well a driver notices things that happen off to the side while focusing straight ahead.
  • Judgment and decision-making abilities.
  • How quickly a driver can shift attention from one thing to another.
  • How well a driver can coordinate cognitive abilities.
  • Ability to identify dangerous driving situations and take appropriate action.

Following the in-office assessment, the driver is notified by letter regarding their results and the next steps in the process.

  • A driver who scores in the “pass” range is determined to have the necessary cognitive abilities required for safe driving and the on-road evaluation is not necessary. Manitoba Public Insurance may require periodic medical information or re-assessment in the future to monitor medical conditions.
  • A driver who scores in the “inconclusive/indeterminate” range is required to continue with the next stage of the assessment process and complete an on- road cognitive evaluation.
  • A driver who scores in the “fail” range can ask to schedule another in-office computerized assessment (only one re-take is allowed) or request an on- road cognitive evaluation. However, please note that it is likely that a driver who does poorly on the in-office assessment will also do poorly on the on-road cognitive evaluation.

On-road cognitive evaluation

Drivers proceeding to the on-road cognitive evaluation will be assessed on a standardized road course designed to examine the cognitive abilities required for safe driving. The on-road evaluations are taken in cars with dual controls that allow our driving examiner to take control of the vehicle if the situation warrants. The tests are equally fair and suitable for both urban and rural drivers as familiarity with the area will not affect scoring.

What happens next?

Once the DriveABLE assessment has been completed, a report will be submitted to our Medical Compliance and Assessments Program. We will consider the results of the DriveABLE assessment along with all other relevant information, and will advise the driver in writing of any changes to driving privileges. If a licence is cancelled, we will also advise the driver of the option to appeal to the Medical Review Committee.

For more information, read our DriveABLE brochure.