Driver Licensing

Driver Assessment and Management Program

If you have a physical disability or suffer from combined physical and cognitive impairments, Manitoba Public Insurance is here to help.

The Driver Assessment and Management Program (DAMP) is a comprehensive two-part assessment designed specifically for people like you. It is coordinated with the Health Sciences Centre and conducted by an occupational therapist (OT) and a driving instructor.

Part 1 of the assessment is an in-department evaluation conducted by the OT. It includes an interview to assess your medical history, driving needs and insight into your driving ability.

During this portion of the assessment, your physical, perceptual and cognitive functions are assessed using various tests and an in-house stationary vehicle is used to assess reaction time and potential vehicle modifications. Preliminary recommendations are then made regarding your physical and cognitive competence and the need for adaptive controls.

Part 2 is a 30-45 minute on-road evaluation conducted by the DAMP driving instructor and OT in a dual-controlled vehicle. Your judgment, concentration and physical management of the car are observed in a variety of driving situations. The use of adaptive controls such as steering wheel spinner devices, left foot gas pedal or hand controls is also assessed as required.

Following the assessment, the OT writes a report on your abilities, areas of concern, recommendations for vehicle modifications and licence restrictions. The report is filed in your Health Sciences Centre medical record and a copy is sent to our Medical Compliance and Assessments Program and the referring physician. If vehicle modifications are required, a copy is also sent to Assistive Technology Products and Services (ATPS) at Health Sciences Centre.

Please note that the cost for the on-road evaluation is $100. You will be responsible for this fee. If lessons are recommended, you must then pay for these separately.

Vehicle modifications

If the occupational therapist has recommended assistive devices/vehicle modifications to drive safely, the cost of purchasing and installing these devices is the customer’s responsibility. The occupational therapist will provide you with an information sheet outlining the required devices and a list of vendors.

Medical Compliance and Assessments coordinates the vehicle modification process, based on the OT report. If your vehicle is more than two years old, you must provide a safety certificate from a licensed mechanic before any vehicle modifications will be made.