Driver Licensing

Frequently Asked Questions

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In-Office Cognitive Assessment

What is DriveABLE?

DriveABLE is a special assessment that tests the specific cognitive functions essential for safe driving. It consists of two levels, an in-office cognitive assessment and an on-road cognitive evaluation. It was developed through extensive research. It is accurate, objective and fair and it has been adopted by jurisdictions around the world.

Where do I go for an in-office assessment?

In-office cognitive assessments are conducted in Winnipeg at cityplace, 234 Donald Street or in Brandon at the Brandon Service Centre, 731 1st Street.

What do I have to do during the in-office assessment?

You are guided through a series of tasks on a touch screen monitor and you just respond by touching the screen or pushing a button as directed.

How long will the in-office assessment take?

The in-office assessment will take approximately one hour.

How much does it cost?

The in-office assessment costs $50 and the on-road cognitive evaluation costs $75. These charges cover the actual cost to administer the assessments. You are charged at the time of your appointment, you aren't charged if you don't keep the appointment.

Do I need to study to prepare?

There really isn't anything to prepare for as the assessment is focused on thinking abilities relevant to safe driving and not the rules of the road. You will be given instructions designed to help you understand how the process works. You get to practice a few times to help you feel comfortable with the required tasks.

I have an excellent driving record. Why do I need to do this assessment?

Driving is so familiar to us that we may not appreciate just how complicated it is. Driving requires skills such as attention, memory, decision-making and judgment. When medical issues arise, anyone can become unsafe behind the wheel and a danger to themselves and others. Health care practitioners and licensing authorities need a way to accurately evaluate whether or not that medical condition is affecting driving ability.

Are the results confidential?

The results are completely confidential.

Can I bring someone with me?

We know that having someone nearby can provide a sense of comfort. One person may accompany you in the assessment room. They cannot communicate with or distract you during the assessment.

I don't know anything about computers. Will this affect my results?

No knowledge or even familiarity with computer is needed. You only need to touch the screen or push a button.

I've had my assessment, now what?

You will be notified by letter regarding your results.

On-Road Cognitive Evaluation

What is the difference between the DriveABLE on-road cognitive evaluation and the road test to obtain a driver’s licence?

The road test test to obtain a driver’s licence tests overall skills and ability, as well as understanding the rules of the road. The DriveABLE on-road cognitive evaluation uses a special road course designed to reveal driving errors associated with cognitive decline.

How long does the on-road cognitive evaluation take?

The on-road cognitive evaluation takes about an hour.

Why can't I use my own vehicle?

A vehicle that is equipped with special safety controls that allow the evaluator to take control of the vehicle if necessary is used as a safety measure for you, the evaluator and others.

I live in a small town. Will driving in an unfamiliar city affect my results?

Drivers who are required to complete an on-road evaluation should not be concerned about driving in an unfamiliar city as they are given very explicit instructions throughout the evaluation. For example, "Turn left at the next corner". They are required to recognize stop signs and traffic lights, as competent drivers of any age should be able to, regardless of where they live.

DriveABLE's research indicates that where an individual lives doesn't impact the results of the evaluation.

General Questions

Is there a waiting period between an in-office cognitive assessment and an on-road evaluation?

No. After a customer completes an in-office cognitive assessment, Medical Compliance and Assessments will send them a letter with instructions.

What type of medical conditions does DAMP assess at the Health Sciences Centre?

DAMP assesses drivers with physical impairments and drivers with a combination of physical and cognitive impairments.