Driver Licensing

Medical Conditions and Driving – Information for Health Care Professionals

What you need to know

In Manitoba, section 157(1) of The Highway Traffic Act requires physicians and optometrists to report to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, any patient whose medical condition may adversely affect their ability to drive safely.

In these web pages, we explain your role in referring patients with cognitive and/or physical impairments that may impact driving ability as identified in the Medical Standards for Driving. We also explain the processes and assessments used by Manitoba Public Insurance to determine whether an individual with a cognitive and/or physical impairment is safe to drive. The information in these web pages has been developed specifically for health care professionals.

If you have questions about the Medical Standards for Driving or your role in reporting patients whose medical conditions may affect driving, please contact the Medical Compliance and Assessments department of Manitoba Public Insurance.

Form links

 Report to Registrar form

 Driver Medical Examination Report (MER)

 Report of Visual Examination