Driver Licensing

Questions and Answers

How will an at-fault claim affect my Driver Safety Rating?

Each at-fault claim in the past year lowers your DSR by five levels.

I have a small at-fault claim. Is there anything I can do prevent it from affecting my Driver Safety Rating?

Depending on the circumstances, you may choose to "buy back" your claim so that it doesn't affect your DSR rating. A buy-back is like undoing your claim by reimbursing any money paid by Manitoba Public Insurance for repairing your vehicle and other vehicles and property damaged in the accident, and for injuries from the accident. People buy back their claims for several reasons:

  • to keep their insurance premium discount
  • to avoid additional driver's licence premiums
  • to maintain a claim-free record before moving out of the province

Sometimes it's more cost-effective for you to pay to have the vehicle fixed rather than file a claim. You can buy back any claim at any time and your adjuster can assist you.

How will traffic convictions affect my Driver Safety Rating?

It depends on how serious the conviction is. The more serious the conviction, the more you'll move down the scale.

Here are some examples:

  • not obeying a traffic sign: two levels down the scale
  • speeding at 30 to 49 km over the allowable speed limit: two levels down the scale
  • driving without wearing a seatbelt: two levels down the scale
  • using a handheld device: five levels down the scale
  • impaired driving: 10 levels down the scale
  • speeding more than 49 km over the allowable speed limit: 10 levels down the scale
  • leaving the scene of an accident: 10 levels down the scale
  • impaired driving causing death: 15 levels down the scale
If I purchase a vehicle after my anniversary day, how will my vehicle premium discount be determined?

Your vehicle premium discount is determined by your DSR, which is based on your driving history and driving behaviour for the year prior to your anniversary day. Any at-fault claims or traffic convictions since your last anniversary day will not impact your DSR— or your vehicle premium discount—until your next anniversary day.

Where can I find my Driver Safety Rating?

You can find your Driver Safety Rating on your yearly notice, which you will receive 45 days in advance of your anniversary date.

You will receive a renewal notice once every five years and a statement of account in the years between renewals (reassessment years). Your position on the scale will be printed clearly, along with a summary of your premiums for the next year.