Driver Licensing

Impaired Driving - Consequences

There are several penalties for driving any vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Zero blood alcohol concentration restriction - Novice drivers who violate the zero blood alcohol concentration restriction (less than .05) will:

  • receive an immediate 24-hour roadside suspension
  • be required to attend a show cause hearing with our Driver Improvement and Control Program to determine further sanctions
  • be required to pay a driver’s licence reinstatement charge

Tiered Administrative Licence Suspensions - Drivers operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration between .05 and .08 or who fail a physical coordination test or drug recognition evaluation are subject to an immediate Tiered Administrative Licence Suspension. Tiered Administrative Licence Suspensions are progressively longer suspensions ranging from 72 hours to 60 days, depending on how many previous suspensions have been issued to the driver within a 10-year period.

Receiving a Tiered Administrative Licence Suspension moves a driver down the Driver Safety Rating scales five levels. Drivers who receive this suspension may also be subject to a Driver Improvement and Control intervention. This could range from a warning letter to a show cause hearing, at which time a further driver’s licence suspension would be considered. They would also be required to pay a driver’s licence reinstatement charge.

Drivers receiving two or more suspensions within a 10-year period are also required to complete an Impaired Driver Assessment at the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) at their own expense.

Three-month Administrative Licence Suspension - Drivers found with a blood alcohol concentration over .08, who refuse to provide a breath or blood sample to police, who refuse to perform a physical coordination test or drug recognition evaluation, or who refuse to follow a police officer’s instructions regarding either test will receive an immediate three-month Administrative Licence Suspension. Receiving this suspension lowers a driver’s rating on the Driver Safety Rating scale by five levels and requires payment of a driver’s licence reinstatement charge. Additional consequences may include:

  • being charged under the Criminal Code of Canada
  • vehicle impoundment (except special mobile machines)
  • a mandatory Impaired Driver Assessment at your expense
  • participation in Manitoba’s Ignition Interlock Program

An assessment of your alcohol or drug use from the AFM’s Impaired Drivers' Program is required after an alcohol- or drug-related suspension. You will be required to sign a release authorizing the AFM to access your driving record. A copy of the assessment is sent to Manitoba Public Insurance's Driver Fitness department.

You may be referred to an educational workshop, a risk reduction program or an AFM treatment program. You may also lose your driver’s licence and be disqualified from driving until your alcohol or drug use is under control.

For further information on driver’s licence suspensions, contact our Driver Records & Suspensions department at:

Winnipeg 204-985-0980
Toll-free 1-866-323-0543

For more information on appeals, contact the Licence Suspension Appeal Board in Winnipeg at 204-945-7350.

To make an appointment for an Impaired Driver Assessment, contact the nearest Addictions Foundation of Manitoba office:

Brandon 204-729-3838
Dauphin 204-622-2021
Flin Flon 204-687-1770
The Pas 204-627-8140
Thompson 204-677-7300
Winnipeg 204-944-6290
Toll-free 1-866-638-2561