Driver Licensing

How the DSR Scale Works

Each year*, we’ll send you a notice showing where you are on the scale and what you owe for the next year. We place you on the scale using your previous DSR level and your driving record from the past year.

Safe driving behaviour will move you up the scale. High-risk driving, including traffic convictions, at-fault claims or alcohol- or drug-related administrative suspensions, will move you down the scale.

Moving up the scale usually results in lower premiums. Moving down the scale usually means higher premiums.

It pays to drive safely

Each year of safe driving = one level up the scale

Starting at the base level, each year of safe driving will move you one level up the scale and save you even more on your driver's licence and vehicle premiums.

Changing to safe driving moves you way up the scale

If you're in the negative on the scale and you've had a history of high-risk driving, changing your driving behaviour will raise your DSR substantially. For example, a driver with an active licence who is at level -20 will move up the scale by seven levels for one year of safe driving.

*A year is a 12-month assessment period that ends 47 days prior to your anniversary day.

Your anniversary day is four months after your birthday. You can start your annual Autopac coverage any time during the year but it will always expire at the end of the day before your anniversary day.