Driver Education

The Manitoba High School Driver Education Program

Manitoba’s High School Driver Education Program has a proud history of helping prepare young Manitoba drivers for the road. Our courses are taught by approximately 300 instructors at 170 high schools across Manitoba. The program is open to all students who attend a Manitoba high school on a full-time basis. Home-schooled students are also eligible.

The program is unique because we sponsor student participation. As a student, you pay $50 for the course and Manitoba Public Insurance covers the rest of the costs (approximately $800 per student). We believe making driver education affordable and accessible is one of the best ways to keep Manitobans safe on our roads.

Manitoba Public Insurance works closely with other groups to ensure that we deliver the safest program possible:

  • RCMP
  • Winnipeg Police Services
  • Manitoba Association of School Trustees
  • Manitoba Motor Dealers Association
  • Safety Services Manitoba
  • CAA
  • Certified driver training schools and driving instructors

Course overview

The Driver Education course includes:

  • 34 hours of classroom instruction
  • 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a certified driving instructor
  • 8 hours of in-car observation

Students are also required to practice with a parent, guardian or other qualifying supervising driver for a minimum of 24 hours.

The course covers topics such as basic driving skills, rules of the road, novice drivers’ risk assessment, impaired driving consequences, defensive driving, winter challenges and gravel road driving.