Driver Education

What to expect

Curriculum and evaluation

As a student in MPI’s Driver Z Program, you will progress through a series of “zones” designed to help you build the knowledge, skills and confidence to help you become a long-term safe driver.

The online application makes it easier for you to learn using eLearning, videos and animations. You can also track and share your progress, earn stars and collect badges for excelling through the program, and see how you’re doing compared to your classmates on the online leader board.

From preparing to hit the road to parallel parking, progress through each zone in Driver Z to master new driving skills:

  • Zone 1: eLearning to be completed prior to your first in-class session.
  • Zones 2 & 3: 20 hours of in-class training with an instructor coaching you through the program. There are pre- and post-class learning activities to help you prepare for class (and the Knowledge Test) and review what you’ve learned.
  • Zone 4: 15 hours of in-car training lessons with an instructor, including a one-hour readiness assessment.
  • Zone 5: 45 hours of in-car practice time with a supervising co-pilot (a parent or other designated supervising driver with a Class 5F licence, valid for three years).
  • Zone 6: Extra in-car practice time. Practice makes perfect, so rack up some extra points in the online app and try to hit 100 hours.

Why practice is so important

Applying what you’ve learned in a practical setting will help you build your confidence behind the wheel and reduce your risk as a novice driver. During the program, you must complete a minimum of 45 hours of practice time; we recommend you acquire 100 hours of in-car practice time.

Enlist a safe driving team to help you reach your goal! Everyone wants to see you succeed and become a safe driver. The online app allows you to invite up to eight co-pilots to help you achieve the minimum required amount of in-car practice time.

The role of parents, co-pilots and supervising drivers

We all work together to help young drivers gain the skills and knowledge they need behind the wheel. Parents and co-pilots – you play an important role by supporting and encouraging your young driver to successfully complete the program by:

  • Attending the Kick-Off scheduled on the same day as the first in-class session. It provides an overview of the program, and explains requirements, procedures and expectations. One parent or co-pilot must attend this meeting. You will have the opportunity to meet the in-car instructor who will take your young driver on the road for behind-the-wheel training.
  • Completing some online homework to prepare you for the task at hand.
  • Ensuring the student has enough in-car practice time to apply what they’ve learned. You can share the task with other responsible drivers – students can invite up to eight people to help them complete their required in-car practice. We know supervising an inexperienced driver can be a challenging experience. We’re here to help – the Driver Z online app provides resources to make your job easier.
  • Supporting and encouraging your young driver to commit to the program by ensuring they are attending classes, reaching milestones and completing their required learning and practice time.

What’s the difference between a co-pilot and a supervising driver?

A co-pilot can be anyone who is an MPI customer. They can verify lessons, check a student’s progress, and support their learning. So even if you’re not a driver but want to support a young driver’s development in the program, you can do so as a co-pilot.

As a supervising driver, you help the student gain the skills and confidence on the road, as well as achieving their required amount of in-car practice time. A supervising driver must:

  • Be a fully licensed driver for at least 36 months.
  • Be the only front seat passenger if supervising in a Class 5 vehicle.
  • Have less than .05 blood alcohol concentration.

Scheduling in-car training lessons

You must pass the Class 5 Learner’s Licence Knowledge Test and validate your Learner’s Licence before you can begin in-car training.

Once you have obtained and validated your Class 5 Learner’s Licence, you may begin your in-car training. An in-car instructor will contact you to set up an in-car training schedule.

To successfully complete MPI’s Driver Z Program, you are required to complete 15 hours of instructor-led in-car training lessons, which includes a one-hour readiness assessment which is scheduled after 45 hours of supervised practice is achieved, logged and verified in the app.

You will be assigned a driving partner and must attend all in-car lessons with your partner. Our program policy requires that there must be at least two students and one instructor in the vehicle at all times, with the exception of the readiness assessment. When only one student can attend the lesson, the instructor MUST contact the parent or guardian to obtain consent before driving alone with any student.

You are expected to be available for one driving lesson per week. Students or parents must inform the in-car instructor in advance if they are unable to adhere to this schedule (e.g., family vacation, school trip, etc.).

You must provide at least 24 hours’ notice to in-car instructors to cancel or re-schedule a lesson. In the event of illness or emergency if the in-car instructor cannot be reached, please call the Driver Education office at 204-985-7199 (toll-free at 1-800-261-9928) or email Driver Education.

If you miss a scheduled in-car lesson without providing 24 hours’ notice, the lesson can be made up only at your expense. To make up this missed lesson, you must make a payment at an Autopac agent or MPI Service Centre and provide the receipt to the instructor (fees vary by region, please check with your instructor). If you choose not to make up the missed lesson, you will not receive a Driver Z Certificate.

If you miss two scheduled in-car lessons without notice, you will be withdrawn from the program without refund, as outlined in the Registration Guide.

In-car evaluation

There is an in-car assessment at the end of every in-car lesson that indicates the student’s driving progress and identifies areas that require more practice. The student and co-pilot receive the report in the Driver Z app and must review and verify it after the lesson is complete.

There is also a one-hour readiness assessment during the final in-car lesson to review all of the in-car skills and give the student feedback on whether or not they are ready for independent driving.