Driver Education

Scheduling In-Car Training Lessons

Once you have obtained and validated your Class 5 Learner’s Licence, you may begin your in-car training. An in-car instructor will contact you to set up an in-car schedule.

You will be assigned a driving partner and must attend all in-car lessons with your partner. Our program policy requires that there must be at least two Driver Education students and one instructor in the vehicle at all times. When only one student can attend the lesson, the instructor MUST contact the parent/guardian to obtain consent before driving alone with this student.

You are expected to be available for one driving lesson per week. Students/parents must inform the in-car instructor in advance if they are unable to adhere to this schedule (i.e. family vacation, school trip, etc.)

You must provide at least 24 hour notice to in-car instructors to cancel or re-schedule a lesson. In the event of illness or emergency if the in-car instructor cannot be reached, please call the Driver Education Office at 204-985-7199 or toll-free at 1-800-261-9928.

If you miss a scheduled in-car lesson without providing the instructor with 24 hours of notice, the lesson can be made up only at your expense. To make up this missed lesson, you must provide a cheque or money order (payable to Manitoba Public Insurance) to the in-car instructor (fees vary by region, please check with your instructor). If you choose not to make up the missed lesson, you will not receive a Driver Education Certificate.

Missing two scheduled in-car lessons without notice will result in expulsion from the program without refund, as outlined on the Registration Guide.