Driver Education

In-Car Training

Students must pass the Class 5 Learner’s Licence Knowledge Test and validate their Learner’s Licence before they can begin in-car training.

The in-car curriculum consists of 16 hours of instruction: eight hours of behind-the-wheel-training and eight hours of observation, covering the following topics:

  • Preparing to Drive
  • Driving Straight Roads
  • Braking and Stopping
  • Yielding
  • Turning
  • Lane Changing & Merging
  • Driving on Curves & Slopes
  • Backing
  • Parking
  • Commentary Driving
  • Highway Driving
  • Responsibility

In-Car Evaluation

After Lesson 4, the in-car instructor completes an In-Car Interim Report which indicates the student’s driving progress and identifies areas requiring extra practice. The student brings this report home for the parent/guardian to review and sign. This signed report must be returned to the in-car instructor at the start of the fifth driving lesson.

In Lesson 7, the instructor fills out a Practice Guide to help prepare the student for the final in-car evaluation.

After Lesson 8, the in-car instructor completes an In-Car Final Report that indicates whether or not the student successfully met Driver Education in-car standards.

If a student did not meet the in-car standards, the student will not receive a Driver Education Certificate.