Driver Education

Medical Requirements for Applicants

Applicants with medical conditions that may impair the ability to drive safely must inform Driver Fitness prior to attending the Driver Education program.

A medical condition is any injury, illness, disease or disorder that may impair the functions necessary for driving. These functions are categorized as cognitive, physical/motor or sensory (vision and hearing).

Impairment resulting from medications and/or treatments that have been prescribed for a medical reason is considered a medical condition. Developmental delays, general debility, and a lack of stamina are also considered medical conditions that may impair the functions necessary for driving.

Some applicants may be required to file medical reports and/or complete a specialized functional assessment. Some applicants may also require vehicle modifications prior to taking in-car training. These medical requirements can take several months, and therefore, it’s recommended you notify Driver Fitness as soon as possible (e.g. contact can start even before registering for a Driver Education course).

Important Notes:

  • All information provided about students’ medical conditions will be kept confidential.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant (or parent/guardian of the applicant if under the age of 18 to report all medical conditions that may impair the applicant’s ability to drive safely.

More questions about medical conditions? Please review the Medical Conditions and Driving information on our website or contact Driver Fitness 204-985-1900 (Winnipeg) or 1-866-617-6676 (outside Winnipeg).