Irreparable versus salvageable

How is my vehicle designated salvageable or irreparable?

Our estimators – trained auto body professionals – designate the vehicle as irreparable or salvageable after a thorough examination.


An irreparable write-off can never be driven again and cannot be safely made road worthy. This designation includes:

  • Severe structural damage from collision, fire or corrosion.
  • Severe flooding damage.
  • Any 1994 vehicle or older that we’ve taken ownership of and are auctioning.


A salvageable write-off can be driven once it is repaired and passed inspections. This designation can be due to:

  • Any other collision damage.
  • Any other structural damage.

After rebuilding a salvageable vehicle, it must pass inspections:

Salvage with Exception

These vehicles are total losses not caused by collision or upset. They have cosmetic damage that does not render the vehicle structurally or mechanically unsafe. One example is damage caused by hail. In this case a:

  • BIIC is not required.
  • COI is not required if original owner retains vehicle.
  • COI is required if new owner purchases vehicle.

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