Frequently asked questions

If I see signs of rodents in my vehicle, what should I do?

If you see signs of a rodent infestation in your vehicle, you can file a claim with Manitoba Public Insurance. After opening a claim, you should contact any commercial exterminator to schedule disinfecting of your vehicle.

Will I have to pay my deductible?

Yes. Whatever deductible amount you have on your insurance policy will apply if you make a claim against rodent damage.

Is there a health risk as a result of rodent infestation?

The risk of contracting Hantavirus from your vehicle is very low. However, your health is still our first priority when you make a claim and we will take the proper steps to ensure your vehicle has been properly disinfected.

I am concerned about health risks, can my vehicle be written off?

Each rodent infestation claim will have a different level of severity. In most cases, having an exterminator disinfect your vehicle will address any potential health risks. In other cases, a more thorough remediation may be required. The remediation shop will advise us on the extent of the damage, and in the case of a severe infestation your vehicle may be written off. Your adjuster will discuss your case with you once they have reviewed the potential damage based on the estimate.

Why do I have to make my own appointment with an exterminator?

By allowing qualified exterminators to conduct the disinfecting of your vehicle, Manitobans will be able to access services in a timely and convenient manner, which will speed up your claim and have your vehicle road-worthy more quickly.