Notifying Police After an Accident

Reporting a claimManitoba Public Insurance can assist you in determining if you must report your accident to police when you call to make a claim.

There's no need to report a straightforward fender-bender to the police.

But if your accident involves any of these things, you must report to the police:

  • fatality
  • hospitalization because of injury
  • an unlicensed driver or unregistered vehicle
  • an unidentified vehicle (e.g. hit and run)
  • you failed to get the other driver's particulars
  • you suspect the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs

You must report accidents within seven days.

Vehicle damage resulting from suspected vandalism, attempted theft and theft must also be reported to the police. You must report vandalism, theft or attempted theft as soon as reasonably possible.

The police and Manitoba Public Insurance have entirely different responsibilities. The police are primarily interested in whether both drivers obeyed criminal and traffic laws. We need the information to assess who was at fault and to confirm both drivers met the conditions of their insurance policy.