When your vehicle is stolen

Your Basic Autopac covers replacement transportation costs up to $34 a day to a maximum of $1,020. However, with additional Extension Loss of Use coverage, you can be better protected in the event you lose the use of your vehicle.

Your Basic Autopac coverage begins 72 hours after you first report to either Manitoba Public Insurance or the police. It ends as soon as:

  • you get your vehicle back, or
  • we offer you a settlement, or
  • the coverage limit is reached

Remember, replacement transportation doesn't necessarily mean renting a vehicle. Renting a vehicle is often the most expensive way to transport yourself. Taking a bus or a vehicle for hire may work just as well and cost less.

If renting another vehicle is absolutely necessary, please consider renting from a company with membership in the Manitoba Car and Truck Rental Association (MCTRA).

Manitoba Public Insurance and the MCTRA have agreed on fees for all sizes and types of rental vehicles. With pre-approval from Manitoba Public Insurance, these rental firms can bill Manitoba Public Insurance directly for your rental. This arrangement helps keep costs down, while making things more convenient for you.

Note: The police will notify you, not your adjuster, when they recover your vehicle. Your adjuster relies on you for this information, so please tell your adjuster right away.