Learn more about eGlassClaim

What is eGlassClaim?

eGlassClaim is a web-based application for glass repair shops that makes filing glass claims more convenient. Using eGlassClaim, participating glass repair shops can link in to Manitoba Public Insurance’s systems and register claims for you.

Why eGlassClaim?

It’s fast and convenient: One call or visit will take care of registering your claim, confirming your coverage and scheduling the repair work. By calling a participating glass repair shop first, you skip one step—calling Manitoba Public Insurance.

You’ll get professional advice from the source: When you file your glass claim through a glass repair shop using the new eGlassClaim system, you’ll get the service and advice you need—all in one call or visit.

How does it work?

  • Find a participating glass repair shop.
  • Call or go directly to the participating glass shop of your choice to report your glass claim.
  • If the damaged glass was caused by vandalism and occurred in Winnipeg, complete an online report with the Winnipeg Police Service. Outside of Winnipeg, contact local police where the damage occurred to file a report.

Have this information ready when you call:

  • The driver’s licence document number of the registered vehicle owner (if the registered vehicle owner does not have a driver’s licence, you may use the customer number located on the vehicle registration).
  • The vehicle registration.
  • The date/approximate time of day the original damage occurred.
  • The vehicle’s licence plate number and Autopac policy number, along with the details about any other insurance you may have and your customer number.

If the vehicle is registered to a company, you will need to provide the customer number located on the vehicle registration.

Where do I find my driver’s licence document number?

Glass claims requiring special handling must still be handled by the Manitoba Public Insurance Contact Centre (204-985-7000 or toll-free 1-800-665-2410).