If You're at Fault

Will It Affect My Claim Settlement?

Being found at fault affects things not covered by basic Autopac, like your deductible and substitute transportation expenses.

How much of these you'll get back depends on how much the other driver was at fault. That's because these items are claimed against the other driver's basic Autopac third party liability coverage.

For instance, if the other driver was 100% at fault, you'll get back 100% of your deductible, from the other driver's coverage. But if the other driver was only 25% at fault, you'll get back only 25% of your deductible from the other driver's coverage.

Remember though, this only applies when we know who the other motorist is, and we insure both of you. If the at-fault driver lives outside Manitoba and has insurance with another company, then your claim will have to be pursued against the other insurer.

How will an at-fault accident affect my premiums?

An at-fault accident moves you down five levels on the Driver Safety Rating scale. Use our Driver Safety Rating Calculator to see exactly how this affects your premium.

Buying Back Your Claim

If you and the other driver choose to settle with each other outside of Autopac, the collision won't affect your insurance premiums or cause an increase in the cost of your driver's licence.

But even if you and the other motorist did file claims, you can still pay us back for what we paid out on your behalf. Then, we'll remove the collision from your driving record so that it won't affect your insurance premiums or cause an increase in the cost of your driver's licence. We call this "buying back" your claim.

Disagreeing With Manitoba Public Insurance's At-Fault Decision

There are informal appeal options in place if you have concerns over our at-fault assessment. First, make sure you have thoroughly discussed your file with your adjuster. Ensure you understand the rationale behind our decision, and that your adjuster understands the facts as you see them. If you still have concerns, speak to your adjuster's supervisor, or ask a manager to review your file. You can also ask a Customer Relations Officers to review your file. They can be reached through our Contact Centre at 204-985-7000 or toll-free 1-800-665-2410.

You can make a formal appeal by taking the other driver to Small Claims Court. Because the courts have the final say over fault, we'll accept the court's decision.

For further information, please see our Appeal Options section.