Why Do I Have a Deductible?

Deductibles help us control Autopac premiums because they help control claim costs. If we eliminated deductibles, the public insurance fund would have to pay out much more in claims. And when claims go up, your Autopac premiums follow.

Paying Your Deductible

When your vehicle has damage over your deductible, you pay your deductible to the repair shop. Then, the repair shop bills us for our portion, which is the amount over your deductible.

If the cost of your damage is the same as, or less than, your deductible, you pay the repair shop the exact amount of the repairs. If your vehicle is a write-off, we subtract your deductible from your settlement.

Once we're sure the other driver was at fault and we know they had proper Autopac coverage, we'll refund your deductible to you.

If Claim is Less Than Deductible

Your portion of the claim is any amount up to your deductible. That means you'd have to pay for the repairs yourself or wait until we clear up who was at fault. If we hold the other driver at fault, we'll pay for all your repairs. Keep in mind, this only applies when we insure the driver who's at fault.