Vandalism, Hail or Hit and Run

Our portion of any claim you make is the amount over your deductible. Your portion is any amount up to your deductible. Those obligations stay the same even if you had no control over the damage, like in the case of vandalism, hail or hit and run.

The only time this may change is when you can identify someone else who caused your damage. Then, you can claim your out-of-pocket expenses, like your deductible, from the person at fault.

Also, if you purchase the optional $200 or $100 deductibles you will not be required to pay a deductible if your vehicle is vandalized. This does not apply to Lay-Up Coverage, specialized permits (e.g., overweight permit, temporary registration, dealers’ permits), Rental Vehicle Insurance, Special Risk Extension or off-road vehicles.

If you have the basic $500 or optional $300 deductible, your vehicle is vandalized and the responsible person is caught, your deductible still applies. However, we've got a couple of options to try to recover it for you. First, we'll ask the criminal courts to order the responsible person to pay back the damage, including your deductible.

Another option open to us is suing the responsible person. But we have to make sure we'll likely win and that it won't cost too much to do it. It doesn't make much sense if we'll likely lose in court or if the cost of going to court is more than we'll get back.

Unfortunately, some people can't or won't pay us back, even when a court orders them to. Lawyers sometimes say these people are "judgment proof". However, until these people pay us back, we can stop them from registering a vehicle or getting a driver's licence.