The Rates Appeal Board (RAB)

Who is the RAB?

The RAB is an independent Board that hears appeals on additional premiums we assess on driver’s licences.

The RAB decides only if the additional driver premium should stand.

Some Key Points About Appealing to the RAB

  • You can appeal additional driver premiums from demerit points through the RAB.
  • You can appeal to the RAB if you think the additional driver premium is harsh or if you think the facts we based our decision on, are wrong.
  • You must receive notice of additional driver premium before you can appeal.
  • You can appeal convictions from outside Manitoba only. Your only grounds for appeal are demerits put on your licence incorrectly.
  • To appeal through the RAB, call 204-985-7071. You pay $10 to start your appeal. If your appeal is successful, you get your $10 back. But if it’s not, you’ll have to pay another $25 for making the appeal.

What the RAB Doesn’t Do

The RAB doesn’t decide or change your position on the Driver Safety Rating Scale and it doesn’t decide fault for an accident. It also doesn’t accept appeals for convictions inside Manitoba.

How to appeal your position on the Driver Safety Rating Scale

To appeal your position on the DSR scale, you must appeal the at-fault accident or conviction that resulted in the demerits.

To appeal an at-fault accident, you should consider small claims court, not the RAB.

To appeal a conviction that happened in Manitoba, you must go through the Manitoba Courts.