Independent Appraisal Process

Here's what you do:

  1. Indicate the amount for which you'll settle on a proof-of-loss form (provided by your adjuster).

If we reject your offer of settlement, you can then choose an independent vehicle appraiser as your representative.

Your representative should be someone experienced in estimating repairs or valuing vehicles (such as a professional vehicle appraiser). Your adjuster can give you a list of reputable independent appraisers if you don't know anyone who can act on your behalf.

Make sure you send your representative's name, address and phone number to your adjuster by registered mail. We'll send our representative's name to you by registered mail within 5 days of receiving your letter.

  • Both representatives then try to agree on your vehicle's value or the repairs that are needed. If they agree, we both must accept the decision.
  • If the representatives don't agree, they select a third independent individual, known as an umpire, whose decision is final and binding on both of us. If the representatives can't agree on the choice of an umpire, the courts will name one.