Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Employment and Training Support

PIPP coverage helps you get back to work. The financial help available depends on the type of injuries sustained in the accident and your post-accident skills and abilities.

The goal, if possible, is for you to return to the same employer to do the same work you were doing before the accident. If returning to your previous employment isn't possible and you don't have the skills for other employment that will help recapture your lost income, we can help retrain you. For example, we might provide vocational counseling or training courses. We can also assist you with resume writing and with your job search.

Example I

Ray was injured in a car accident and, as a result, was unable to properly load his vehicle at work. PIPP paid for a specialized power-operated lift that provided the assistance he needed and enabled him to continue his job with minimal disruption.

Example II

Gloria worked as a shipping clerk. After the car accident, she couldn't manage the physical demands of the job which required a lot of walking and bending. Her employer offered her an office job, but she needed computer skills that she didn't have. PIPP paid for Gloria's computer training so that she could return to work for her pre-accident employer.