Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Rehabilitation... Getting to Where You Want to Be

As your insurer, our goal is helping you return to the situation you were in before the accident. Sometimes, this goal is easily met within a few weeks. Sometimes, it takes longer. In the most serious cases, it's not possible for you ever to be exactly as you were before the accident. Rehabilitation coverage provides you with various types of support to assist your recovery and your return to normal activities, to the greatest extent possible.

Rehabilitation coverage is flexible and depends on each claimant's personal situation and needs. Unlike other parts of PIPP coverage where the entitlement to a benefit or indemnity is precisely set in the law, rehabilitation expenses are considered extraordinary expenses that depend on individual circumstances.

We ask the following types of questions when deciding on coverage for a rehabilitation expense:

  • Is this rehabilitation strategy necessary for this person?
  • Is it advisable?
  • Is this rehabilitation strategy likely to help this person lead a more independent and productive life?

We look at the Rehabilitation Plan and the recommendations of the medical/rehabilitation team when making our decision.